Gordon Garforth

Transfiguration Medium, Trance Medium

I started sitting in 1994 for my development of Physical Mediumship. The circle now sits for Transfiguration and Elongation. Our spirit team work using ectoplasm to coat my hands and arms to show the elongation.

My face is covered with ectoplasm for the masking’s and also my larynx so that the spirit people can resonate their own voices.


The séance has different aspects. The physical side is conducted by Jack.

The following people are members of the spirit team Albert, Matey, Deidre, Michael, William who will answers questions and Paul who does the healing.


During the séance friends and loved ones will transfigure, should you recognise someone you will be invited to sit next to the medium so that you can communicate with them.

Every séance is an experiment so we cannot guarantee what will happen. The spirit friends are in control and will work with the energies that sitters bring with them.


If you do come to any of our séance’s please have an open mind and enjoy whatever happens.