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Gary features on the last episode of the TV Series Man Vs Weird- the footage was taken from another show Gary was working on and was used in this.

This was a mini documentary made on Gary featuring his work.

This was a 1 hour documentry done on Gary and his work by the BBC in England

Magazine & Newspaper Articles

This is an article about a Psychic Surgery treatment Gary did on a lady - it features in the English Magazine High spirit

This is an article that was done about Gary's Psychic Surgery work by a norwegian magazine called Medium

This was one of the first newspaper reports done on Gary and his work. For a major newspaper in the UK.

Another article done on Gary and his work in the UK

A local paper decided to follow us along on a paranormal investigation we carried out in Braintree, Essex, England - Before Gary starting sitting for seances he used to do table tipping - see what you think in the article.

This is a short bio Gary was asked to write for High Spirit Magazine based in England

This was an article done by the magazine Your Dog in the Uk. For this interview Gary got to treat the Dulux dog

Obstensible paramoral healing study


Part 1

Part 2

An interview Gary did for the radio station Bridge FM

An interview Gary did for the radio station WebTalk Radio

Another interview Gary did for the radio station WebTalk Radio


There are a couple of pages of Garys work in this book

Trisha documented Garys healing work for 5 and a half years - in her first book she talks about it

In her second book Trisha goes more in-depth about Garys healing work