Gary Mannion's Seance Testimonals 


Below are testimonials from people who have attended a Seance with Gary Mannion.

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Disclaimer - All testimonials in the following videos are the opinions of those in the video only. These people are expressing their own personal experience. Afterlife Agents and it’s representatives take no responsibility for the content of the testimonials and what actions you take after hearing the content. The people shown in the video have presented their testimonials of their own free will and it is their own words you hear.

"I touched a chest"

Kingswell House 14.5.15

"Never seen anything like it"

"Recommend it to anyone"

"Electric shocks went through my body"

"A pretty incredible experiance"

"I go in with a scientific mind"

"It was very significant for me"

"It was phenomenal"

"You couldn't get more proof"

"I hadn't seen that before"

"I have never seen it so clear with these eyes"

"The body was growing"

"The body was growing"

"Fantastic evidential evening"

"Saw hands coming out"

"I can't even"

"I can't wait to come back"

"Truly unique"

"I could feel every rib"

"I was amazed"

"Seeing phenomena was awesome"

"In awe of what I've experienced" 

"Held and comforted"

Inverness 17.3.15

"I saw a tribal tattoo"

" I was quite gobsmacked"

"It was absolutly amazing"

"That was unbelieveable"

"The had angelic hands"

"I felt an immense energy"

"It wasn't scary or anything"

"I'm blown away"

"My father came through the voice"

"You could see the formation"

"Full Materialisation of the spirit"

"Just mind blowing"

"Very different"

"Something I will never forget"

"Touched by spirit"

"Absolutely Mindblowing "

"I'm so uplifted"

"What a phenominal evening!"

"Exceptional physical phenomena"

"The sensations are wonderful"